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Are you ready, once and for all, to achieve your weight goals?
For you to be in control of your eating? 
Do you want that to happen sooner than later? 

Enrollment Now Open For February 2022

Hi, it’s Deborah Murtagh and I’m sooo glad that you are here right now!

Are you ready to be done with this crazy cycle that’s stopping you from…. Sticking to the plan, losing the weight you want, or eating food you shouldn’t and then regretting it… then falling off the wagon. 

Maybe you’ve tried over and over again, starting, making a little bit of progress and then feel like you’re backtracking? 

"I know from my 25+years of clinical research and working with clients just like you… that when women really wanting to change their eating habits and really find freedom with their relationship with food, there are certain things that DO work, and there are things that just DON’T work."

What I can tell you is that if you don’t get it right, you’ll end up NOT making the most of the steps that are laid out for you in TKS and not getting the results you want. 

Some of our amazing results from women just like you!

"After one round of TKS on my own I knew I needed help. Getting a coach has been perfect timing! I am so grateful; my coach gave me great advice and information. I loved that we tackled the mindset work together, and that gave me the information I needed to help me succeed. I am very happy with my progress and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this level of support to anyone starting their weight loss journey." - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Debbie 
I loved the open and honest conversations and looked forward to our weekly Calls very much. My Coach listened and shared her knowledge freely. She pulled me up quickly if I was getting off track, gave sound advice and recommendations (including recipes). Thank you. I couldn’t have done this 8 week round without you!  - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Suzanne
I’m so happy to have had a Coach to help me with my weight loss journey. She was very attentive during our weekly sessions and helped me stay focused on reaching my goal in a caring and professional way. I loved the knowledge I gained and am so proud of my results. I have released 10KG and am so grateful! - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Pamela 
Perhaps you’ll lose weight, but because you haven’t locked in the REAL reason you are doing this, studies show you are 80% likely to put it all back on again… or worse, gain extra. 

It’s one of the most frustrating things for me to see in my community and with my clients. 

And let’s face it - you’re smart, you’re clever, you’re capable, you know your body… but somehow THIS is the exception. 

"THIS is the thing that you feel like you don’t have the control over that you need to."

These candida-filled carbs that are robbing you of the health, the weight, the freedom in your body and mind - and most importantly the relationship with yourself! 

That are causing trauma in your own heart and head, causing you to feel out of balance, in conflict with yourself and disappointed in yourself. 

You eat things that you know aren’t on plan or right for you, and then you beat yourself up. You go into shame, blame or guilt and then you start to compare yourself to others. 

And yet you desperately want to be different… be a different weight, look better in your clothes, feel better in your body… because deep down you KNOW it’s what your SOUL is telling you she wants. 

But still you find yourself sneaking in the cupboards when no-one is watching, or having that extra helping of inflammation-causing foods, or not being able to say no when someone puts sugary, carb-laden food in sight. 

Enrollment Now Open For February 2022

It’s an opportunity to join an eight-week program with one of Deborah’s trained coaches.

It’s time to stop wanting to be the wallflower, to be unseen and start shining!

One of the things I get asked all the time is, “Deborah, how do I get to my ideal weight, and keep it off? I don’t know where I’m going wrong or how to get the support I need to truly commit to me.”

So, my coaches and I have put together an 8-week program that shows you exactly you are ready for a brand new year in 2022!  (Don’t worry… this isn’t one of those programs where the fire hose opens and you feel like you are drowning in too much info. My coaches and I will guide you through the journey of what you need to know to lose weight the TKS way, and eat delicious foods AND eliminate cravings once and for all. 
Increase your chances of success with this highly supporting, interactive accountability group!

Details Of The Program...

I’ve designed this program to make it as simple as possible for you to implement and get results. 
In other words, to reach your amazing weight goal in the next 60 days. 
It’s right for you, if you:
  • Are just starting out in TKS and want to get the support to truly succeed.
  • Have been in TKS for a while but now want to get more serious about it (and get more consistent with your weight goal).
  • Want to be taken by the hand and shown exactly what to do and so you actually lose weight and keep it off!
  • ​a place where you can reach your weight goals and feel alive and on fire!
  • ​the exact right combination to create your success
  • ​an opportunity to join an eight-week program with one of my highly trained coaches
Our coaches are incredibly skilled in supporting you in the TKS journey and helping you make sense of the Ketogenic Switch process. 

Enrollment Now Open For February 2022

Discussions will focus on real-life issues and topics that derail us and makes us fall off the wagon, such as mindset and weight loss blocks.

Group Weekly Themes:

The real benefits to transforming 
your life with TKS...

NT, Inflammation, Autophagy, Reshaping, Hormones

You know your "why" so why 
aren't you doing it?

Isolating your excuses and meeting
 them head on!

The Physiology 
of Stress

How stress impacts many body systems the lead to weight gain (Sleep/exhaustion, cortisol, insulin, inflammation, gut microbiome)


The biochemistry of food addiction and why it makes sense you overeat

fully in...

Do you really want to give this battle up? Write your hero's story

The art and benefits of plateau's & the techniques to override them

Redefining self-limiting beliefs (& using excuses for self sabotage)

So, you love food, does food really love you?

Define your relationship with food

Moving forward with a 
lite/light heart

What you really want as a result of achieving authentic diet freedom!

Enrollment Now Open For February 2022

Real Results For Women That Have Gone Through The Sistas's On Switch Program

Being Coached through my TKS journey has helped me tap into the right mindset. My Coach has given me valuable guidance and clarity to enable a clearer path forward so I could succeed at my goals. I’m now at goal weight and I couldn’t have reached here alone!  
Don't travel your journey alone, when you can be supported by a trained TKS Coach. Why? Because she has travelled the journey too, understanding what it takes and can walk by your side! - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Geraldine
Many thanks on forming this special group of ladies to further explore deeper mindset values of TKS! It has enabled me to better understand how the mind works and it’s been powerful! I have enjoyed your leading us on the discussions and hearing about everyone’s weight loss and health journeys. I have really appreciated the genuine care and reflection as I have gone deeper into an exploration of myself and seen the weight fall off - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Sue 
I would absolutely recommend getting support to anyone looking to succeed with TKS. It was great knowing that I was accountable to someone, it made me think twice in moments where I would have usually reached for something sweet. It has truly helped keep me on track. Without this level of support, I either wouldn’t have started, or I would have fallen off the wagon and probably not got back on. It was the kick-start I needed! - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Jeanette

Are you ready to say YES to you?

You’ll see changes almost immediately.

You’ll feel hope.

AND your coach will help you very quickly get the results you want - along with your very own support group.

Achieving your goal weight and maintaining it is an evolving journey of understanding yourself. In this 8 week journey, we are getting into the juice about what makes you tick and why or how you're using food as a form of comfort, or excitement or reward.

By committing to this, you will come out the other side having changed your behaviour, your subconscious, and the root of all your decisions around food.

Your new behaviour will be anchored in AND you’ll reach a place of true mastery, where there will be an effortless enjoyment of food, to being totally in control of your behaviour around food.

You will be following The Ketogenic Switch Format of the 8 weeks:

Detox - Stabilisation or Healing - Stabilisation (depending on where you are at), getting the support from your trained coach, and walking alongside your small group of like-minded women who too are choosing to step into a lighter, more aligned version of themselves!

Enrollment Now Open For February 2022

Are you ready to be your best version in 2022?

Are you ready to be free?

Do you feel your Soul calling you to choose this for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I choose my own coach?
You can choose the time AND coach that you prefer. Have a browse through the offerings and determine what/who suits you best. All of our coaches are trained by Deborah Murtagh in the TKS 8-week plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
Can I join a group with my friend?
Yes, you can. Find the time and coach that suits you best, click on her link, purchase the offer and you will be in the same group. If you need any help with this please email
What if the coach I want is full? Or the time I want is not available?
Each coach is available for booking on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please make your booking from the available times/selection above. We may add more times until each coach is at capacity. Our coaches are all expertly trained to take you through the 8 week Sistas on Switch journey. 
How many will be in each group?
To create a safe container, where each group member can feel heard, supported, and accountable, we aim to keep each group no larger than 15 members.
 What if I can't make a call? Will it be recorded?
Yes, the call will be recorded. After the session, your coach will share the recording with you. (We will invite you to agree to a confidentiality clause so that you can have privacy within the group).
I'm going on holiday/on a work trip/to a wedding etc... Do I have to be ready to start straight away or can I delay it for a month?
Please choose the time and start date based on what is available above to fit your schedule. If you wish to delay your start, please email and we can put you on the waiting list and let you know when we offer the group coaching program next. 
Do I have to buy any extra supplements?
There are 2 supplements we highly recommend but they are optional. We can help you source these, or you can find them locally.
Is there any long term commitment or contract?
There are no hidden fees or recurring contracts. You will only be charged for this one service of the Sistas on Switch 8 week program.
Will this work for vegetarians?
Yes. This program works well for vegetarians with just a few simple variations which we cover in the food plan including some sample meal plans and recipes designed specifically for vegetarians. Please note however this diet is not suitable for vegans.
Can I exercise or start exercising on this program?
If you are already fit and used to regular exercise, you can continue at the same level. Be aware however, that you may experience a brief reduction and stamina until you become fat-adapted, which can take up to a month. 
Deborah has observed that exercise can cause inflammation and water retention in the body, if you are not used to exercising, so it can have an effect on your weight loss. 
You will learn more about this from your Coach. 
What’s the return policy?
Let’s make a deal. I’m 100% committed to Sistas On Switch being the ONLY program you need to successfully kickstart your weight loss efforts — and drop that dress size as you advance through the 8 weeks.

If you are committed to your weight loss journey and follow the plan, and are committed to giving this your best shot — then I promise you, you WILL succeed in your Sista’s On Switch group.

And if you can show me that you’ve shown up in your group, gone through the steps, did the work, and still don’t feel that you have made any progress on your weight loss and health journey, then I insist that you reach out within 60 days to get 100% of your investment back.
Where can I get further Support? 
Team TKS is here to support you every step of the way! Questions? Email us at​
Please note that we will do everything we can to honour your calendar booking, however if the class is unable to go ahead due to low numbers, we will offer you a new time.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • Your focus is on healing a health condition and only that alone (we are not a medics and are unable to give medical advice)
  • You are not interested in going on a journey that is awakening in every respect
  • You aren't coachable or willing to hold up the mirror and really see that's currently holding you back from being the best version of you.

Enrollment Now Open For February 2022

We look forward to helping you discover what you need to know to step into a healthier, happier more vibrant you! If you’re a woman who knows that with the support of a coach and a like-minded, small group, you’ll succeed faster, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you to start having success with your weight goals - sooner rather than later!

With love and gratitude,
Deborah xxx
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